CASYblue 1x 30ml (1 bottle)
Price on request
Solution for controlled killing of cell culture cells for accurate adjustment of the left cursor evaluation
1 x 30 ml

Customs Tariff Code: 3822 1900
Country of Origin: DE
net weight: 0,040 kg
gross weight: 0,114 kg

Excepted Quantities
**** UN 1987 ****
ALCOHOLS, N.O.S.(ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol)
**** Hazard Group 3 ****
**** Packing Group II ****
**** Tunnelcode: D/E ****
CASYclean 1x 500ml (1 bottle)
Price on request
Capillary and system cleaning agent for all CASY models.
To be used for acute decontamination and routine cleaning.
1 x 500 ml

Customs Tariff Code: 3402 5090
Country of Origin: DE
net weight: 0,5 kg
gross weight: 0,625 kg

**** UN 3266 ****
CORROSIVE LIQUID, BASIC, INORGANIC, N.O.S.,(sodium hydroxid, sodium hypochlorite, solution)
**** Hazard Group 8 ****
**** Packing Group II ****
**** Tunnelcode:E ****
CASYcups 1box (1.800 cups)
Price on request
Measuring vessels for all CASY models.
For dilution of the samples to be measured with CASYton and performing the cell count.
1 pack = 1.800 cups

Customs Tariff Code: 3926 9097
Country of Origin: DE
net weight: 8,35 kg
gross weight: 9,00 kg
CASYton (10-liter container)
Price on request
Isotonic measurement buffer for all CASY models.
Politainer for easy filling of consumption quantities.
1x 10 L
(manufactured in compliance with ISO 9000 ff)

Customs Tariff Code: 3822 1900
Country of Origin: DE
net weight: 10,18 kg
gross weight: 11,00 kg

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